Marijuana Insurance

What does it mean “Marijuana Insurance?” – Hi, my name is Steve Valencia and I am the Broker of Athena Insurance and Financial Services the owner of this site, and   All of the sites mentioned have something to do with Marijuana.

For example, is focused on just the Cannabis Industry and advertising for businesses growing, buying and selling cannabis in one form or another.  Yet has a much broader spectrum of Agriculture with CDB Dispensaries being just one small part of the content.

Today more than ever businesses from across American and overseas are jumping onto the ‘green-gold” band wagon to make a profit. And, like any product being sold there is always the chance that someone my want to file a claim against the manufacture of the marijuana product and ‘you’!

Thus the reason for  We are here to provide you with insurance in two primary areas.  First being “General Liability” and the second being “Products Liability.”

The Insurance Industry and Marijuana

I have been in the insurance business for over 25 years and the idea of providing insurance for Marijuana businesses is a new one to me.  When I first seen a marketing email arrive in my inbox I was laughing.  Really? Insurance for Cannabis People?  To my surprise it has turned out to be a big “to-do” in the market place.

The “skinny and short” of it is that there are only a few insurance carriers that are willing to venture into the cannabis insurance industry due to all the uncertainty of possible backlash politically and legally.

Our agency works with many managing general agencies that provide us with up to date changes on underwriting and perform valuable services in providing quote for all kind of ventures.

Please note that as of the date of this writing 05/28/2017 base “premiums” excluding taxes and fees are not any lower than $1,500.00 for “General Liability” and not less than $6,500 on Products liability.

Conclusion, as the legal and political environment continue to evolve I predict the gradual lowing of these prices and we will be sure to offer them to you as the Marijuana business owner.

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